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Accepted Abstracts

ID Paper Title Authors
1 Managing Plastic Waste Pollution Using the System Dynamics Approach C. Sy*, M.M. Mansilla
2 Techno-Economic Evaluation of Synthetic Natural Gas Production based on Biomas.. C.C. Cormos*, A.M. Cormos, L. Petrescu, S. Dragan, S.C. Galusnyak, A.M. Bathori
3 Evaluation of Strategies for Rising Sea Levels using System Dynamics C. Sy*, M. Tee
4 Perspectives for Implementation of the Principles of Circular Economy in Water.. I. Radelyuk*, J.J. Klemeš, X. Jia, M. Yelubay
5 Simulation of poly-generation system for municipal solid waste disposal using.. L. Wu*, X. Deng
6 Experimental investigation of thermal properties of organic waste-based phase.. J. Bošnjak*, M. Jurčević, S. Nižetić, I. Primorac, M. Arici
7 LNG regasification terminals: LCA/Carbon footprint tool and proposal for decar.. C. Talla Takam, A. Ghorayeb, C. Bouallou*
8 Sustainable pretreatment approach for biomass-to-energy transformation via cho.. E. Odita, J.S.Z. Ngu, C.L. Yiin*, Q. Armando T., S.S.M. Lock, B.L.F. Chin, M.R. Rahman
9 A Novel Integrated System Driven by sCO2 Power Cycle for the Simultaneous Ener.. S.M. Alirahmi, G. Sin, A. Arabkoohsar, T. Gundersen, H. Yu*
10 Investigating the interactive effects of energy-savings measures on an indutri.. S. O'Keeffe*, D. O'Sullivan, K. Bruton
11 Uncover Environmental Footprint Patterns of Plastic and Paper Packaging Waste.. Y.V. Fan*, D. Krajnc, L. Čuček, J.J. Klemeš, Z. Kravanja
12 Assessing The Cost-Effectiveness Of Using Remotely Sensed Data In Agriculture.. M. Sadenova*, N. Beisekenov, Z. Anuarbek, N. Kulenova
13 Integrated Monitoring System For Growing Grain Crops N. Kulenova, M. Sadenova*, Z. Anuarbek, N. Beisekenov
14 Condensation Characteristics of Flows Inside Newly Developed, Three Dimensiona.. D. Kukulka*, R. Smith, W. Li
15 Optimization of Multi-component Refrigerant in Natural Gas Dehydrocarbon System.. K. Li, G. Liu*
16 Study on the Influence of Coal on Coal-to-Ethylene Glycol Process Considering.. D. Li, G. Liu*
17 Coupling Optimization of the Distillation and Absorption Columns and Its Appli N. Li, G. Liu*
18 Simulation modeling as a contribution to minimizing the negative impact of met.. A. Ipmagambetov*, M. Sadenova, P.S. Varbanov
19 Optimization of Ethylene to Ethylene Oxide Process Based on Surrogate Model Y. Wang, W. Zhou, L. Liu*, J. Du
20 A multi-objective optimization model for the vehicle routing problem with deli.. C.B. Mallari*, J.L. San Juan, M. Bongo
21 Solvolysis and Oxidative Liquefaction of the End-of-Life Composite Wastes as a.. S. Werle*
22 GHG Footprint Comparison of RESHeat and Traditional Fossil Fuels-based Systems S. Zhang*, P. Ocłoń, P.S. Varbanov, J.J. Klemeš, O. Arsenyeva, P. Kapustenko
23 Validation of the Coupled Heat and Moisture in the Soil for Underground Therma.. S. Zhang*, P. Ocłoń, M.A. Yildirim, P.S. Varbanov, J.J. Klemeš, O. Arsenyeva, P. Kapustenko
24 Identification of flow regimes in two-phase melts under electromagnetic drive .. H. Lv, L. Kang, Y. Liu*
25 Soft Sensor Modeling for Chemical Processes Based on Information Theory and Gr.. C. Ji, F. Ma, J. Wang, W. Sun*
26 Simultaneous Targeting and Optimization Model for Inter-plant Indirect Heat In.. W. Zhou, L. Liu, J. Du*
27 Total-site multi-period energy integration for centralized tri-generation and .. L. Liu*, X. Gu, J. Du
28 A Numerical Investigation of Methane Steam Reforming in Packed Bed with Metal .. Z. Wu, J. Yang, Q. Wang*
29 An efficient CA-FD method to simulate the electrochemical reaction-diffusion p.. J. Dai, C. Zhai, Y. Dang, H. Lv, G. Yu, W. Sun*, Y. Liu
30 Optimal Design of a Modular Production System for Renewable Methanol to Mitiga.. Y. Zhang, L. Kang, Y. Liu*
31 Twenty-Six Years of PRES conferences: Contributions to Process Integration Tow.. J.J. Klemeš*, P.S. Varbanov, Y.V. Fan, P. Seferlis, X.C. Wang, B. Wang, A. Papadopoulos
32 Optimisation of PHE plates dimensions and corrugations geometry for condensati.. P. Kapustenko*, L. Tovazhnyanskyy, J.J. Klemeš, O. Arsenyeva, E. Klochok
33 Optimal HEN with PHEs for Carbon Dioxide Capture by Amine Absorption Unit at C.. P. Kapustenko*, J.J. Klemeš, O. Perevertaylenko, L. Tovazhnyanskyy, O. Arsenyeva
34 Electricity Prediction in Smart Buildings using consistent and robust Federate.. A. Ajagkar, F. You*
35 Hybrid Quantum-Classical Reinforcement Learning Framework for Demand Response .. A. Ajagekar, F. You*
36 Integrating Green Hydrogen Technologies with Blue Hydrogen Pathway via Simulat.. A. Lal, F. You*
37 Improving resource use efficiency in plant factories with artificial lighting .. B. Decardi-Nelson, F. You*
38 Cornell Campus Metabolism and Circular Economy: Energy, Food waste, and Constr.. F. Kumdokrub, F. You*
39 Energy management for controlled environment agriculture based on physics info.. G. Hu, F. You*
40 Techno-Economic Optimization and Life Cycle Analysis of Dairy Manure Managemen.. N. Preuss, F. You*
41 Optimal Design of a Deep Offshore Wind-to-Hydrogen System R. Balaji, F. You*
42 A farm-to-fork life-cycle assessment and techno-economic analysis of operating.. R. Menon, F. You*
43 Deciphering the energy and environmental implications of supply chain restruc.. S. Liang, F. You*
44 LSTM-based model predictive control for building energy efficiency and comfort.. - -, F. You*
45 Benchmarking Energy Efficiency of Quantum Computers V. Raghavan, F. You*
46 Model Predictive Control on Integrated-Rooftop Greenhouse Climate Control W.H. Chen, F. You*
47 Life Cycle Assessment on Cascaded Use of Polypropylene Plastics Aided by Chemi.. X. Zhao, F. You*
48 Life Cycle Optimization of A Campus Energy Systems with Economic, Environmenta.. X. Tian, F. You*
49 Analysis of Scheduling Strategies for Modular Methanol Production Systems Cons.. X. Kong, L. Kang, X. Gao, Y. Liu*
50 A Physics-informed Neural Network for Simulation of Turbulent Flow with Mass T.. C. Kou, S. Jia, X. Yuan*, Y. Luo
51 Multi-objective optimization and integration for straw-based Bio-natural gas s.. T. Zhou, X. Jia, Z. Li, K. Aviso, R.R. Tan, F. Wang*
52 Automatic Design and Optimization of Extractive Distillation Sequence for Mult.. J. Meng, Y. Dong*, C. Wang, J. Du
53 Assessment of the techno-economic viability of the optimal CSP plant technolog.. K. Elfeky*, Q. Wang
54 An extended Carbon Emission Pinch Analysis-based energy and emission managemen.. L. Gai, S. Gong, S. Yang, J.J. Klemeš, P.S. Varbanov, , B. Wang*
55 Investigation of fluid flow and heat transfer around smooth or dimpled sphere .. H. Jia, Y. Tian, X. Tian, J. Yang*, Q. Wang
56 Computer-aided Multi-scale Simulation of MOF-based Membrane Separation for CO2.. X. Cheng, Y. Liao, X. Fan, J. Li*
57 Development of an Environment-Friendly Technology for the Reutilization of Was.. A.Q. Malik*
58 A Novel Study on Energy Storage Potential of an All-day Radiative Sky Cooling .. L. Jia, V. Lu*
59 Study on thermal-hydraulic performance optimization of a novel supercritical C.. Q. Ma, Y. Cheng, D. Liu, Y. Chen, C. Wang, Y. Chen, Q. Wang, T. Ma*
60 Fabrication and Performance Characterization of Porous Media with Hierarchical.. S. Li, Z. Cheng*, Q. Wang
61 The Potential for GHG Emission Reduction and Increased Energy Security of Dist.. P.S. Varbanov*, J.J. Klemeš, P. Ocłoń, Z. Kravanja, T. Pan
62 An Agrochemicals Production System Driven by Renewable Energy in Rural Regions.. J. Tang, L. Kang, Y. Liu*
63 Life cycle assessment of coal-to-natural gas/methanol polygeneration process J. Liu, Y. Zhuang*, J. Du
64 Synthesis of Work-integrated Heat Exchanger Networks Coupled With Organic Rank.. Y.J. Huang, Y. Zhuang*, J. Du
65 Evaluations on the Pathways for Converting CO2 into Chemicals B.Y. Yu*
66 Coastal LNG cold energy cascade utilisation optimisation accounting for enviro.. F. Wang, L. Gai, J.J. Kleme&scaron, P.S. Varbanov, B. Wang*
67 Quantifying Methane Emissions from China's Largest Oil and Gas Storage Base Us.. X. Yang, Y. Tao, B. Wang*, J.J. Klemeš
68 Energy Poverty and Carbon Emissions: the State of the Philippines N.S. Lopez*, C.R. Tayag, I.H. Gue
69 Economic Analysis of Oxygen-fuel Combustion Process of Municipal Solid Waste D.. Y. Huang, Y. Jiang*, Z. Tong
70 Study on hydrodynamic and heat transfer performances for panel radiator of tra.. Y. Tian, W. Si, C. Fu, Y. Tian, P. Yuan, J. Yang*, Q. Wang
71 Soft-sensing Model Evaluation for Heterogeneous Thermal Environment in the Per.. K. Sakurai, F. Xu, Y. Sato, Y. Sakai, S. Sabu, H. Kanayama, D. Satou, Y. Kansha*
72 Multi-party Coordination in China's Downstream Oil Supply Chain: Energy, Econo.. R. Qiu, Y. Liang, R. Tu, Q. Liao, B. Wang*
73 Prediction and Optimization of Flow Maldistribution in Supercritical Carbon Di.. D. Liu, Q. Ma, Y. Chen, D. Xu, Z. Han, C. Wang, Y. Chen, Q. Wang, T. Ma*
74 Simultaneous Retrofit of Heat Exchanger Network (HEN) and Configuration of Mul.. E. Hong An, S.R. Wan Alwi*, Z. Abdul Manan, J.J. Klemeš
75 Effect of manifolds structural parameters on flow distribution uniformity in Z.. Z. Han, D. Xu, D. Liu, Q. Wang, T. Ma*
76 The Performance of a Magnus Vertical Axis Wind Turbine in Typhoon Wind Speeds H.E. Limpot, A. Somido, A.S. Yamsuan, B. Abuan, L.A. Danao*
77 Integration of Refinery Hydrogen Network based on High Fidelity Compressor Mod.. Y. Zhou, M. Yang*, X. Feng
78 Design of Modular Production System of Renewable Methanol under Supply and Dem.. R. Huang, L. Kang, Y. Liu*
79 Generation and Network Planning of Utility-scale Grid-connected Microgrids C.M. Odulio*, G. Abantao, P.E.D. Bundoc, J. Ibanez, L.L. Blas, X. Penisa, E.J. Esparcia, M. Castro, R.V. Buendia, K.E. Pilario, A.E. Tio, I.B.N. Cruz, J. Ocon
80 Optimization of energy system of natural gas hydrate offshore platform conside.. X. Ma, Y. Wang*
81 A novel methodology for industrial park layout design using multi-objective op.. Z. Cui, Y. Wang*
82 Impact of Storm Hardening on the Techno-economic Viability of Hybrid Renewable.. M. Castro, L. Delina, J. Ocon*
83 Understanding the Electrochemical Performance of a Dual-Electrolyte Aluminum-A.. M. Castro, J. Ocon*
84 Multi- decision-making strategies to optimize the design-operation of renewabl.. A. H. Ba-Alawi, H.T. Nguyen, T. Woo, C. Yoo*
85 Dynamic study of PCM-PCHE-equipped SCO2 Brayton cycle under temperature fluctu.. L. Zhang, J.J. Klemeš, T. Ma, M. Zeng*, Q. Wang
86 Streamlined Life Cycle Assessment for Integrated Techno-Economic-Environmental.. J.M. Aberilla*, A. Salac, J.D. Somera, M. Castro, J. Ocon
87 Investigation on the coupling characteristics of flow and heat transfer of nan.. B. Li, C. Li, J. Wu, J. Ma, M. Zeng*, Q. Wang
88 Feasibility Study on Biomass Integration in the Energy System of Cluster Repre.. L.A. Calairo, E.N. Estrada, K.D. Yap, J.M. Aberilla, J.N. Salvilla, M. Castro, J. Ocon*
89 Effect of Solution Concentration on the Performance of an Integrated Heat Pump.. Y. Gao, V. Lu*
90 The Study of Mist Flow in the Proposed Mist Flow Photocatalytic Reactor S. Kato, Y. Sakai, Y. Sato, Y. Kansha*
91 Application of Magnetic Phase Transition in Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensors.. H. Kiyomoto, Y. Sakai, Y. Sato, Y. Kansha*
92 A Multiphysics Study on the Effect of PEM Fuel Cell Flow Field Design on its P.. M.R. Domalanta, M. Castro, J.A. Del Rosario, J. Ocon*
93 Design of Site-wide Trigeneration Systems with Energy Loss Considerations S. Tantai, J.Y. Lee*
94 Multiphysics Modeling Incorporating Shuttling-Induced Capacity Loss and Cost A.. J.K.A. Balinsat, J.P. Barreras, L.A. Gallemit, M. Castro, M.R. Domalanta, J.G. Tomacruz, J. Ocon*
95 Operating Optimization of Demand Management Strategy for Hybrid Power System B.. J. Zhao, Y. Jiang*, Z. Tong
96 Synthesizing robust decentralized P2P energy trading scheme with ‘n-1’ propert.. K.G.H. Kong*, S.Y. Teng, W.D. Leong, L.S. Yeo, S.L.Y. Lo, B.S. How
97 Determination of Locations of High Concentration of Indoor Air Pollutants Usin.. J.G. Reyes*
98 Techno-economic assessment of carbon-negative multigeneration systems based on.. M. Moosazadeh, A.S. Tayerani Charmchi, P. Ifaei, T. Woo, C. Yoo*
99 Prediction for Temperature Variation and Distribution under Heating Conditions.. F. Xu, K. Sakurai, Y. Sato, Y. Sakai, S. Sabu, H. Kanayama, D. Satou, Y. Kansha*
100 Waste oil retrofitting design and supply chain optimization to empower oil and.. L.S. Yeo, B.S. How*, S.Y. Teng, K.G.H. Kong, J. Pimentel, Á. Orosz, F. Friedler
101 Dynamic Simulation and Intelligent Control on Heat Transfer of Two-Phase Flow .. P. Yang, K. Tian, W. Ling, M. Zeng*, Q. Wang
102 Pinch Analysis for Temporally Constrained Carbon Trading R.R. Tan*, S. Bandyopadhyay, D. Foo, M.V. Migo-Sumagang, K. Aviso
103 Comparing structural constraints for accelerated branch and bound solver B. Bánhelyi*, E. Heinc
104 Dynamic analysis of surface coking in the regenerative cooling process K. Tian, P. Yang, W. Ling, M. Zeng*, Q. Wang
105 Suitability Investigation and Technical Assessment Using Multi-Criteria Decisi.. P.J. Sotto*, L.A. Danao, B. Abuan
106 Towards Carbon Neutrality in China: A National Wide Carbon Flow Tracing and th.. B. Jiang*, D. Xia, R. Xiong
107 Incorporation of Epistemic Uncertainties in Resource Conservation Networks wit.. A. Pandey*, S. Bandyopadhyay
108 Pinch Analysis-based Targeting Multiple Resources in Resource Conservation Net.. A. M U*, S. Bandyopadhyay
109 Evaluation on Sustainable Polylactic Acid Production Process Coupled with Biol.. L. Zhang, L. Kang*, Y. Liu
110 Integration of Renewable Fuels into Existing CHP Plants for Carbon Reduction L. Sun*
111 Levelised Cost of Energy for High Tip-Speed Ratio Tidal Turbines Operating in .. J.I. Encarnacion*, C. Johnstone
112 Energy Efficient Drive Management of Urban Vehicles Z. Pusztai*, F. Szauter, F. Friedler
113 Simultaneous optimisation of heat recovery system with mixed thermal energy st.. N. Li, J. Wang, J.J. Klemeš, Q. Wang, M. Zeng*
114 Levelized Cost of Green Hydrogen Production in the Philippines H.O. Tubalinal, M. Castro, J.A. Del Rosario, J. Ocon*
115 Multiphysics Modelling, Parameter Sensitivity Analysis, and Optimization of a .. J.E. Angco, G.R. Rito, M.R. Domalanta, J.A. Del Rosario*
116 Design and performance analysis of a bioinspired micro-channel heat exchanger .. J. Wang, Y. Ma, N. Li, Z. Cheng, T. Ma, M. Zeng*, Q. Wang
117 Co-conversion of Coal-bed Methane and Coal based on Modular Plant Integrated w.. Q. Zhou, M. Yang*, X. Feng
118 Machine Learning Approach for Pump Price Prediction for the Philippines Post C.. S.B. Lunor, J.G. Tomacruz, M.F. Remolona, J. Ocon*
119 AI-driven process design and integration platform of semiconductor wastewater .. T. Woo, S. Heo, J.Y. Lim, S. Kim, C. Jung, C. Yoo*
120 Stackelberg-Leontief Model for Optimal Defense of Industrial Sites K. Aviso*, R.R. Tan, A. Lamberte, J. Santos, J.F. Tapia, K.D. Yu
121 Energy potentials and carbon intensity for bio-natural gas from livestock manu.. Y. Yin, X. Jia*, R.R. Tan, Z. Li, J. Wang, F. Wang
122 Sustainable design of a CCUS-EOR energy-material hub considering market uncert.. A.S. Tayerani Charmchi, F. Ghobadi, P. Ifaei, L. Čuček, A. Vujanovic*
123 A Disjunctive Programming Approach for Sustainable Design of Municipal Solid W.. Z. Ge, D. Zhang, X. Jia, Z. Li*
124 Post COVID-19 E-commerce Plastic Waste: Evidence from the Philippines K. Chan Huan, C. Martin, D. Ocampo, I.H. Gue*
125 The Role of ESG Principles and Regulation in Profit-oriented Corporate Decisio.. B. Lukács*
126 Application of Intelligent Process Data Analysis Systems in China F. Ma, C. Ji, T. Peng, J. Wang, W. Sun*
127 Techno-economic Analysis of Tidal Energy Devices Within the Dinagat Islands in.. E. Caquilala, L.A. Danao, B. Abuan*
128 A data-based approach for heat pump integration by Pinch Analysis in industria.. J. Walden*, P. Stathopoulos
129 Exploring the Sustainability Potential of Demand-Responsive Public Transportat.. A. Prayogo*, L. Buics
130 Advanced Control of Post-combustion Carbon Capture Plant Using a PI and Model .. F.M. Ilea, A.M. Cormos, V.M. Cristea*
131 Automotive Battery Manufacturing in Relation to Sustainability and Process Sys.. A. Bege*, Á. Tóth
132 Optimization of Water-Energy Nexus System S. Prabhakar*, S. Bandyopadhyay
133 Economic and Environmental Assessment of Green Hydrogen Infrastructure: A Case.. J. Cui*, M. Aziz
134 Advanced Heat Pump Bridge Analysis for High-Temperature Processes F. Schlosser*, T. Walmsley, L. Kong, H. Meschede
135 Novel Modeling Framework for Process Synthesis and Integration in the Equation.. C. Liu, Y. Ma, D. Zhang, J. Li*
136 Parameter sensitivity analysis and optimization of nickel-iron batteries using.. J.M. Abarro, J.A. Del Rosario*
137 CFD analysis of packed bed reactor for green hydrogen production by biogas ref.. A.D. Selejan, A.M. Cormos*, S. Dragan, C.C. Cormos
138 Modeling a Least-Cost-based 100% Renewable Energy Transition in Off-grid Islan.. M. Castro, L. Delina, J. Ocon*
139 A comprehensive examination of alternative wine packaging from the perspective.. Á. Csiba-Herczeg*, B. Eisingerné Balassa
140 Alternative Strategies of Circular Economy for Hazardous Materials at End-of-L.. J. Pimentel, G. Ruiz-Mercado, F. Friedler*
141 Treatment and recovery networks for multiple industrial wastewater streams J. Pimentel, E. Aboagye, Á. Orosz, K. Yenkie, H. Cabezas, F. Friedler*
142 Decision of construction technology from a sustainability aspects, life cycle .. B. Eisinger Balassa*, B. Lukács, O. Kegyes-Brassai
143 Sustainability Accounting Scope 3 Emission Measurement Challenges in Corporate.. P. Molnár*, A. Suta, Á. Tóth
144 Energy Systems CO2 emissions reduction planning in Sarawak and Qatar using Min.. M. Lameh, J.P. Rajakal, V. Andiappan, P. Linke, D. Al-Mohannadi*
145 The coordinating effect of taxation on the environmental effects of the automo.. Z. Hima*
146 Simulation and Energy Saving Optimization of Carbon Dioxide from Exhaust of Hy.. J. Sun, R. Zhou, X. Zhang, H. Yu*
147 Pathways Towards Carbon Reduction in the Maritime Fuel Shipping Sector E.J. Abraham, J. Ballout, M. Lameh, M. Al-Rawashdeh, P. Linke, D. Al-Mohannadi*
148 Strategically Different n-best Design Options in Process Network Synthesis Á. Orosz, B.S. How, S.Y. Teng, F. Friedler*
149 Multiphysics Modeling and Cost Analysis on the Optimization of All-Solid-State.. E.J. Cabalo, J. Villatema, M. Castro, J.G. Tomacruz*, M.R. Domalanta, J. Ocon
150 Parameter Estimation for the Lithium-ion Battery Pseudo-2D Model via Feature-B.. I. Diersen, M. Castro, J.G. Tomacruz, J. Ocon*
151 Systems-theory accidents models and processes for fire risk management of chem.. X. Qu*, - -, X. Jia, Z. Li, F. Wang
152 Load Factor Impact on the Cost-Optimal Sizing of Hybrid Renewable Energy Syste.. M. Castro, C.M. Odulio, L.A. Danao, J. Ocon*
153 Target-Oriented Robust Optimization of Hybrid Energy Systems under Uncertainty J.L. San Juan*, C. Sy
154 Environmental impact optimization of microalgae biorefinery using Life cycle A.. A.P. Mayol*, A. Culaba, R. Concepcion, A. Ubando, J.L. San Juan
155 Effect of Increasing Anode Biological capacitance on the Efficiency of Sedimen.. Y. Sakai, C.M. Nielsen, Y. Kansha*
156 A hybrid framework integrating machine-learning and mathematical programming a.. D. Li, T. Zheng, J. Li*, A. Teymourifar
157 Cost optimization of captured CO2 liquefaction process for ship transportation A. Psaroudas, A. Papadopoulos, P. Seferlis*
158 Multi-Parameter Analysis in the Minimization of the Total Cost of Solar Therma.. G. Martínez-Rodríguez*, J.C. Baltazar, A.L. Fuentes-Silva
159 Disinfection, detoxification and stabilization of domestic sewage sludge as ma.. N. Strunnikova, O. Kassien, G. Daumova, N. Seraya*, Z. Idrisheva
160 Analysis of the ecological state of the Irtysh River based on the studies of b.. Z. Idrisheva, E. Sandybayev, G. Daumova*, I. Denissov, M. Zhamanbayeva, A. Bukunova
161 A simplified numerical method for two-phase detonation based on the hypothetic.. Z. Tang, K. Tian, M. Zeng*, Q. Wang
162 A Framework for Assessing Sustainability of Energy Systems Including Redundanc.. P. Sharma*, S. Bandyopadhyay
163 Investigation on thermoelectric-hydraulic performance of a wearable energy har.. J. Wang, T. Yan, X. Yang, T. Ma*, J.J. Klemeš
164 Thermal-hydraulic characteristics of a zigzag-type printed circuit heat exchan.. X. Yang, J. Wang*, T. Ma, J.J. Klemeš, B. Sundén
165 Retrofitting of Cement Plant with Carbon Capture Technology: An integrated P-g.. E. Estrella, C. Belaro*, M.A.B. Promentilla
166 Increasing heat recovery in heat exchanger network retrofit using a combined t.. M. Picón Núñez*, J.L. García-Castillo, J.I. Minchaca-Mojica
167 Planning Negative Emissions Technology (Net) Portfolios With Uncertain Sequest.. M.V. Migo-Sumagang, R.R. Tan, K. Aviso*
168 Experimental study of Proton Exchange Membrane electrolysis system N. Kezibri, C. Bouallou*
169 Thermo-hydraulic Effects of Scaling in Flat Plate Solar Collector Networks L. Canizalez Dávalos*, H. Lugo Granados, M. Picón Núñez
170 A new wind-based hydrogen supply chain optimization method considering uncerta.. X. Wang, Y. Wang*
172 Pinch Analysis for Solar Thermal and Industrial Process Interaction R. Kumar Yadav*, S. Bandyopadhyay, A. Hoadley
173 Optimal Investment Strategies in a Joined Natural Gas and Carbon Emission-embe.. M. Kanta, C.N. Dimitriadis, E.G. Tsimopoulos, M. Georgiadis*
174 Optimization of Production Scheduling in Food and Beverage Industrial Faciliti.. M.E. Samouilidou, G.P. Georgiadis, M. Georgiadis*
176 Chemical composition and physico-chemical properties of natural therapeutic mu.. K. Akimzhanova*, A. Sabitova
177 Techno-economic optimization and life cycle assessment of stand-alone renewabl.. K.L. Lobo, M. Castro, C.M. Odulio, J. Ocon*
178 Estimating solar potential of dense urban areas by utilizing solar cadasters E. Chatzigeorgiou, G. Martinopoulos*
179 Optimal Scheduling of Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Charging in an Autonomous .. D. Trigkas*, G. Gravanis, S. Voutetakis, S. Papadopoulou
180 Techno-economic analysis of a 2MWp power system based on the integration of ol.. A. Lambropoulos, D. Ipsakis*, G. Varvoutis, E. Mandela, C. Athanasiou, M. Konsolakis, G.E. Marnellos
181 Effect of Sulfate Anions on the CO2 Absorption Performance of Aqueous Amine So.. F. Tzirakis, A. Papadopoulos*, P. Seferlis, I. Tsivitzelis
182 CO2 Solubility in Aqueous Solutions used in CO2 Capture Applications: Systems .. F. Tzirakis, A. Papadopoulos*, P. Seferlis, I. Tsivitzelis
183 Optimal Planning of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Systems with Neutrosophic.. J.F. Tapia*
184 Bilevel Optimization of Enhanced Weathering Networks with P-graph R.R. Tan, J.F. Tapia*, K. Aviso, T. Walmsley
185 Control Aspects of Novel Methanol Synthesis Concepts Utilizing Renewable Hydro.. M. Bampaou*, A.S. Kyriakides, K. Panopoulos, P. Seferlis

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