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Conference Topics


  • Process Integration for sustainable development
  • Process analysis, modelling, and optimisation
  • Total Site Integration
  • Heat transfer and heat exchangers
  • Energy saving and clean technologies
  • Sustainable processing and production
  • Renewable and high-efficiency utility systems
  • Footprint minimisation and mitigation
  • Operations and supply chain management
  • Waste minimisation, processing and management
  • Batch process analysis and integration
  • Process network dynamics, flexibility and control
  • Industrial implementation and optimisation
  • Numerical fluid flow and heat transfer simulation
  • Sustainability and Process Integration teaching, learning and knowledge tools


  • SPIL-RESHeat Symposium
  • Work and Heat Exchanger Networks (tbc)
  • Optimised Gas Turbines, Thermodynamic Systems and Turbomachinery Applications (tbc)
  • CO2 capture, sequestration and utilisation
  • More Special Sessions are encouraged

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